A God Story – From Murder to Freedom in Jesus

Nothing is impossible with God and no one is out of his reach.

Two of our staff members, Leo and Lukas, were recently reminded of that truth in a unique way.

The first time they met Martin, he was in prison. Both of them were there as part of our mid-week sports integration program to play Basketball with the inmates. Martin had been in prison for a long time. He was there because of the murder he committed.

Martin always liked sports. He enjoyed getting some exercise, but even more he welcomed the change from the typical prison routine.

At first, he was sceptic of these two visitors. Why were they there? Why would they volunteer their time with the inmates?

But all of those concerns were quickly put aside as they started playing together. As soon as the ball hit the floor, there were no more boundaries. No more borders. Between games, they even started small talk and interacted more and more. A new friendship developed. Martin listened to their story, shared his own story and learned through the sports devotions which included Leo and Lukas’s own life stories about the freedom in Jesus.

After a few months, Martin accepted Jesus into his life!

But Martin did not want to keep it all to himself – He wanted others to know about Jesus as well.  So, during one of his prison releases, he organized a large BBQ for his closest family and friends….and he made sure that Leo and Lukas were also invited!

Praise God for His plan in the life of every person!

* All names were changed for privacy reasons.