Coaches - Defining Importance

For most children and youth in their sports club the coach has a defining importance that goes far beyond the court. He is role model and friend, develops potential and strengthens self-esteem. A coach can actively live values such as trust, appreciation – and ask the same from his athletes. The coaches panel wants to find, train and connect coaches: for athletes to experience values and reveal them for themselves.


In cooperation with our own SRSacademy the coaches panel offers profound and practical programs for value-based coaching.


The coaches panel wants to promote the multiplication of values by strong and authentic coaches who are role models, thus reaching out to sports related children, youths and adults. By 2019, we want to train at least 1,000 coaches to become value based coaches and become part of a regional and national coaches network.


The network offers a platform that coaches and P.E. teachers may use to network, encourage and exchange experiences in coaching. For effective networking, local, regional and nationwide network meetings will be conducted.


The panel encourages coaches to playfully convey and set an example for values in their work. Courage and a great deal of patience are needed. We therefore offer mentoring and coaching for coaches.

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