Churches - Engaging in Sports

To be engaged in sports can be an effective tool for the Christian community. There is an irresistible force in sport that promotes much of what we as Christians care about. It can help us live our mission as messengers of Jesus Christ in the midst of society. However, the power of sport and its importance for ministry in Christian circles in Germany is not yet recognized.

We have created a wide variety of tools, creative ideas and products that helps the local church take one step further.

We Offer:


sports related message series, interview guests, devotions, workshops or other creative elements


Sports shows, interviews and life stories, lectures and sermons as well as active and creative programs)


Send a SRS sports team to a local church to build or deepen relationships with athletes in a community)


Rent of any kind of sports equipment. Making sports ministry become reality.


Transportable sports academies and camps flexible to the adjust based on local needs

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