Hope for the Disadvantaged

Kickoff to Hope is a project for disadvantaged children, families and communities in Africa.

Through this project, new hope and perspectives are offered; a new chance in life and to help them get “off the sidelines”. Since its foundation in 2002, we have seen entire countries have changed through the power of sports and community development.

The concept is based on the UN Millennium Development Goals:

-The right to education

-The right to health care

-To fight against poverty and hunger

Together with strong and experienced local partners, we currently have operating branches in Kenya and Burundi.

We remain true to our approach, and want to:

– Provide disadvantaged people a new chance

– Reach children through football

– Teach values

– Invest in education

– and even help entire village communities

Our approach is customized for each country according to their individual needs and therefore differ in the respective implementations.

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