Children - Value Carriers of Tomorrow

For their development, children and youth need recognition, appreciation and trust of their significant other. They look for role models to follow their good examples. This way they learn to respect their limits and the limits of others and dispute with values.


Besides athletic skills, children and youth playfully learn values such as discipline, trust, and respect.


Children and youth from all over Germany experience one week that is so much more than just a regular training camp. The SportsArena offers training, music, value-impulses and a lot more. Licensed coaches, sports-scientists and high-profile athletes take care of the kids to enable them to develop in their sports and their personality.


Together with various churches we are engaged many years – individually, locally and on site. We`d like to encourage youths to live their sports with values. In this we support them beyond our sports camps by backing and teachings.


Within three years, we want to reach out to over 5,000 children. Through the Values Initiative, the topic of “Heart speaks Sport” takes place in all our camps. We motivate the participants to be a “value-striker” or “value-fan” even at home and to campaign for their values. Besides, new coaches will be trained and appointed.

KIDS & YOUTH SPORTS – Heart Speaks Sport! 

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