Who is SRS?

SRS is largest Christian non-profit sports organization that supports, encourages, and mentors achievement-oriented athletes primarily in Germany.

Since our beginning in 1971, we have been supporting athletes of all ages, level of competitions as well as people in their surroundings. This happens in many different ways and in every life and sports situations.

There are over 500 volunteers involved with SRS. There are bible studies for athletes, motorcycle groups, equestrian groups, groups and meetings of different sports, youth groups, training groups, athlete breakfasts, and much more!

The work of SRS is fully supported by the generosity from friends of our ministry.

In Sports. For People. With God.

Sport is Our Passion.

We offer programs in over 30 sports to all sports people to improve their performance through training camps, retreats and workshops. It doesn´t matter if someone breaks records, goes jogging for stay fit, or just enjoys exercise. We share their enthusiasm for sport, work professionally and are scientifically sound.

Faith in God Unites Us

Every person is created by God and has unique gifts and abilities. We see it as part of our mission to promote and support them on and off the field. That's why we travel as pastors and mentors to where the athletes are and look after them according to your wishes. We also train mentors, offer continual education and partners with the local churches, associations and organizations regardless of denomination.

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